Naturally Durable™ Tropical Hardwoods stand the test of time. They have evolved in warm moist environments teaming with life. They are naturally resistant to a broad range of insects, fungi, and mold.

Our commitment to responsible forestry in natural forests traces back 33 years. We embrace the principles of Forest Stewardship Council® certification. Spurred by compelling questions about responsibly managed foresty, loggers, foresters, environmentalists, and sociologists came together in the first General Assembly to form the FSC® in 1993.

Follow an FSC Harvest

Follow an FSC Harvest
We visit our sawmill partners and their FSC certified forests frequently. Sometimes we are there during the dry season and can witness the harvest in a forest managed according to FSC principles. In this section you will find photos of these harvest operations showing the logging roads, the skidder trails, maintenance shops, the workers camps, and what is left after the harvest is complete. Whenever possible we will link satellite imagery of these well-managed FSC forests. We encourage skeptics to request more information. It is possible to arrange visits for the hardy and adventurous.

Management Harvesting Regeneration The Harvest Camp
FSC Certification: Responsibly Managed Forestry

FSC Certification
The Forest Stewardship Council was created to change the dialogue about and the practice of responsibly managed forestry worldwide. This impressive goal has in many ways been achieved, yet there is more work to be done. The FSC sets forth principles, criteria, and standards that span economic, social, and environmental concerns. The FSC is an international network that promotes responsible management of the world's forests. All accredited certification bodies may operate internationally and may carry out evaluations in any forest type. Certified forests are visited on a regular basis, to ensure compliance with the Principles and Criteria.

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Learn about the Amazon

Learn about the Amazon
The Amazon River, according to many accounts, was named by Spanish explorer Fransisco de Orellana in 1541. The name was in honor of the female warriors he encountered on his voyage through the territory previously called Maranon. The climate is warm and humid, with an average temperature of 79 degrees and an average yearly rainfall of 80 inches. Temperature differences between day and night are greater than those between seasons. The Amazon Rainforest is thought to be the oldest tropical forest area in the world. The forest areas are described by amount of flooding that occurs: not flooded, occasionally flooded, or regularly flooded.

The Acariquara Tree The Terre Firme The Floodplain The Savanna
FSC-Certified Tropical Hardwoods from Well-Managed Forests. Certificate number SCSC-COC-00041
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